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21 Questions you can answer in Mixpanel

  • 11 February 2020
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21 Questions you can answer in Mixpanel
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Mixpanel allows you to answer questions about your data but sometimes it’s hard to know which questions you should be asking!

To help, I’ve listed 21 questions you can ask in your Mixpanel project that will help turn data into information and information into insight!

  1. How many people are doing {insert event} for more than 8 hours in a day?

  2. How many minutes does it take users to complete my x step onboarding funnel?

  3. What is the impact of my {insert new feature event} on {insert goal event}?

  4. How many times does a user view or do the {insert event} before moving on to view or do {insert different event}?

  5. How has this {insert event} feature been performing compared to last year?

  6. What is the most common time of day for {insert event}?

  7. This report shows users who triggered {insert event} broken down by city, the chart shows me the percentages, how many unique users is that?

  8. Of the x users who entered the {insert funnel} how many did not convert?

  9. Of the users who {message open > filter to message name} how many clicked the CTA link?

  10. What is the average amount for users who {insert purchase event} in the past month?

  11. What is the difference between the DAU and WAU who complete {insert event} each month?

  12. A high number of users are not converting through {insert event}, what are they doing instead?

  13. Is the group of users who have done {insert event} 3 times in the last 7 days trending up and to the right?

  14. I’d like to send a welcome message to my cohort of new users who did {“create account” event} in the past 14 days, how can I get their contact details?

  15. My role is to drive the weekly active users of {insert event}, {insert event} and {insert event} respectively, how do I view them on 1 report instead of 3?

  16. Help, my manager wants to know how many {insert event} have happened today and I’m not at my computer? (Trick question, Mixpanel iOS App to the rescue!)

  17. All users do step 1 and 2 of our onboarding but then can do {insert list of 3 different events} before reaching the compulsory step 4, which of the {insert list of 3 different events} has been the most popular choice my funnel?

  18. Which event has been triggered the most in the past 30 days?

  19. How far are we from our target WAU of {insert event}?

  20. What happened this past quarter to influence this trend?

  21. Where am I?

Any questions about these questions and your project’s answers? Share your questions and comments below!

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