Wrong track events name

  • 26 November 2021
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Hi everyone!

I'm having problems with manual track using javascript trigger in my frontend application.

I have some buttons when are clicked, them do the trigger, but these events doesn't are triggered. These events are sent after click in a navigate button, but with wrong event name and data.

The navigate button are configured with track_links

two events created with manual track and one with track_links


To confirm that, I comment the track_links code and the manual events start work.

two events created with manual track

So, I don't no what which create that bug :(


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Hey there @rafaeldev - great to have you in the community!

I am struggling a little bit to get my head around your issue but here are some things to look at first and if you can come back to me with a few answers then I should be able to properly help you out :) 

When the events are firing are they displaying the ‘events’ tab in real time?
Do they take a long time to come through (like more than 2-3 mins)?
The video play event, how is this triggered exactly?

If the wrong event name is being sent then I would look closely at your code to make sure it is accurate. If there is really nothing that is popping out at you, and you do not have dev resource, you can actually change the name of the event in Mixpanel. Is the data being passed in the properties accurate?
I mean, ideally you want to make sure the code is the clean bit otherwise it could cause some issues in the future, but it could serve as a quick workaround before dev resource becomes available.


Let me know and I will be happy to follow this along and help you out :v:

Hi @Josh_EnvisionDigital for your response :heart:

I create a repository with more near scenarios to my other project. I think so which it can to be more clear about "how i do the things".

So, the "video play" event was called with "mixpanel.track" method with "on click" event on button.


Well, testing with that test project, I see the events are dammed on "mixpanel" global object:

dammed events


After, I trigger a event manually on browser console, and event was triggered as I expected:

manually trigger event
check event on mixpanel "all events" panel


I'm waiting for 10 minutes and the dammed events aren't was triggered.

I think so I have a problem with my mixpanel handle object, but isn't so clear to me WHY the events aren't triggered.


I hope which that post help you to to help me haha
Thanks a lot!

Testing more, I see other "weird" behavior…

When my mixpanel handler object is initiate, the "mixpanel" parameter is an object different than the globally "mixpanel" object from browser console.

mixpanel alias closured on mixpanel handler object
mixpanel alias globally var


Hi @Josh_EnvisionDigital 
I'm closing that thread because I found my problem.

I part of my code was calling the `this.mixpanel.track_links` many times when a open a modal. Sorry, my fault!!! 🙃