Wrong event property values

  • 3 June 2019
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We have an app which is on Cordova framework. I have an event called AppOpen to trigger whenever the app is opened and a property called source to track where the user opened the app from. This will have values like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc.
Basically, I use universal links for ads and these links contain sources and IDs. So as soon as the app is opened from a universal link, the app will read the information that is sent by the universal link and populate it under the property to tell me the source of the event `AppOpen`.
In the staging project, we tested this and everything is working as it should be.
However, in the production environment, we see some incorrect data.
For E.g. Mixpanel is reporting that `AppOpen` event is triggered with the source as Snapchat even by users who do not even have Snapchat on their phones. We also track the email of the user as a property of the `AppOpen` event so it was easy to verify with the user.

We checked everything with the universal links. They seem fine.
The only other way this could happen is if the user gets the link from some other source and opens the app from it. This has not happened.
I also came across these links on GitHub which says Mixpanel could mutate the event properties
Any thoughts on this is appreciated