When hiding event properties and user properties in Lexicon carry it to Live view and User Profile Events

  • 22 August 2019
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When I hide and event property or user property in Lexicon it does hide these items from the dropdown menus but when I look in the live view or expand events is a user profile I still see all the hidden event properties. It would be great to hide them in all locations. to declutter across the board

1 reply

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Hi @cpellows,

One of the limitations of live view is that hidden events will still show in live view as well as the activity feed for People profiles.

I think this is a great feedback for Lexicon! Mind posting this in the ideas section (rather than Q&A) so that it can get some votes from the community and better visibility from our product team? Adding the topic tag of "Lexicon", "Live view", "People Profiles" might also help for better search-ability.