What to do with incorrect data between certain dates

  • 2 June 2019
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During the period of about 2 weeks, we discovered that a large number if the events pushed into MixPanel were incorrect. Ideally I could clear all event data between these two dates, then, go about re-inserting data over that period with the correct events and event data.

The problem is I can't find and specific documentation on how to achieve this. Has anyone else been in this situation and does anyone have any advice?

2 replies

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Hi @trent_vasco, I read this article on how to hide or delete events. They list a couple of ways to go about it and it could be helpful on which way you might want to hide or delete your events.

For importing old events into your project (the correct events), I believe they have documentation here on how to do that (also here). I also found some helpful tips from frank on an old community post on things to consider if you are importing your old events via the /import endpoint.

Hope this helps you out!

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Thanks fredl, I will take a look at those links.