What is the purpose of the platform field in Event Details?

  • 20 August 2020
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I am trying to categorize our many events into platforms, and noticed that the Event Details section for each event labels platform and can be edited from the UI. However, after adding the platform for a few events, I noticed that going to Insights, i am not able to filter events by platform. What is this for then?

I would be nice if I can either or all:

  • Choose an event by first choosing the platform first to help me dig into the events that come from that platform
  • Filter by platform after choosing an event
  • Able to choose the entire platform for maybe global events I want coming from mobile.

1 reply


Hi Anyone know the reason for platform here? Can I use it as a filter when I am trying to create dashboards? I have events named the same but different by the platform in which the are sent and I want to be able to choose the right event