What is the best way to get revenue data from App Stores into Mixpanel?

  • 7 April 2020
  • 2 replies

Looking for a method to import app store in-app purchase revenue to Mixpanel using the app store APIs. 

2 replies

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@yalcin —

The In-App Purchase executes when a user conducts an in-app purchase through your app. You can find further information about the tracking of the event in our iOS code:

If you're looking for lifetime value, total revenue, or average paying revenue per user then you can use our Revenue report to get this information out of the box. Normally to populate the Revenue report you need to use the method track_charge. You can learn more about how to set this up here. One important callout is that this data is only viewable in the Revenue report though.

In my opinion, and Mixpanel's own best practice when it comes to revenue data, you may want to consider just tracking this data as events and/or properties. For example a "purchase" event with properties for price and other relevant data. By doing you have a bit more flexibility in that you can use this data in our other reports such as Funnels and Insights. Within Insights you can see average purchase price and other similar metrics in Revenue but the feature set isn't exactly a 1:1 mapping. Keep in mind doing this though would mean that you cannot use our Revenue report to analyze this data. That said, in my personal experience, I've found having the data available in all of our other reports is more valuable than just Revenue. 

Thanks Cherise, this is very helpful!