Value $other showing up as email address in funnels only

  • 1 October 2019
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As you can see in the following screenshot, instead of getting email addresses like we expect, funnels groups together some emails under this $other category.

We're definitely not sending this because if I go into Insights and break down by email for the same events, no such $other classification shows up.

1 reply

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Hi @anisharohra,

I have also run into this when I run Funnels reports. The $other property value is something that Funnels shows when a property exceeds more than 200 property values.

Taking a look at their Funnels help article here, when we segment by a property value, it will only show you your top 200 property values and combines lesser occurring values into the $other category.

What I usually do to view all of the individual segments beyond the 200-Property limit, is doing an export to CSV button in the top righthand corner. Hope this helps explain on what you are seeing!