UTM Tagging on Subsequent Page Views

  • 3 December 2021
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We understand through Mixpanel documentation that the UTM tags are tracked by default and then sent to all the events after that as they are registered as a super property.

However, I am seeing our UTM tags register on the landing page (initial page) only and any subsequent page views by that user doesn’t pass in the UTM parameters (Ie, utm_source becomes “undefined” instead of something like “google” which was the case on the landing page). There isn't a redirect to a different domain though the click from landing page to the next page opens in a new tab though I tested in both same tab page load and new tab page load and still the UTM parameters were only registered/displayed on landing page view only and not any subsequent page views.


Can anybody provide some recommendations to fix this?


1 reply

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Hello @SimarSingh , You can try to implement the code in this document to get you traffic details with all the corresponding events. 

What it does is reads the UTMs from the URL and set is as people property and super property so you should see traffic information in all the page views and other events.