UTM tagging mapped to user data

  • 10 November 2020
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I am using an external CRM tool ( and am looking to set up the UTM parameters that will allow me to track individual users and their subsequent events against any tracked links they might click on. allows me to set up automated UTM’s with multiple parameters, one of which is to append a user’s uuid.

What is the best way to map user email clicks against events? Should I add an extra UTM parameter such as “utm_uuid”? Does mixpanel easily map a utm uuid against its own user uuids?

As an example: I send out an email with a tracked link saying “buy this widget”. 500 users click and do 1 of 2 actions: put widget in “save for later”; or buy widget.

How do I best track which players clicked the link and did which action afterwards?


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You can do it server-side. offers the possibility to send a webhook for each emails event. 

You can create a connector that listens this webhooks and send related data in Mixpanel. By doing this, you know who clicked, opened your emails on mixpanel


On client-side you can do this :

  • Have a UID on that you pass in links.
  • Have the same UID on mixpanel as distinct_id or alias
  • When visitors is on your web page, read the query params and if it contains a uid, fire identify()
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@mve After clicking a user lands on your website so the entire activity is being done on your website.


So it all depends on the level of tracking that you have in website like are you doing identify if a user is already logged in?

You need to set up tracking for “save for later” and “Buy Widget” and there is nothing required from except for automated UTM’s.

You can then use Mixpanel reports parameters like utm_source etc to identify how many users purchased and how many clicked on Save For Later in Mixpanel.