Using Mixpanel to provide metrics about API usage

  • 19 June 2020
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We provide a SaaS service. This is offered via a web site and an API. We are already using Mixpanel to monitor our web site, but we are wondering about the suitability of Mixpanel to monitor our API. Does anyone have any experience or advice in doing this?



1 reply

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Hey Andy,

I saw that you got a response from our Support Team, but for anyone who is looking for some guidance, I’m pasting it here as well:

There are products more specific for API usage but you can definitely use Mixpanel to track your usage of the API. If your API for example uses Python, you would need to do "event track calls" from Python. Every time you serve a response from your API, you can call mixpanel.track("200 OK",... and all the properties with details);

This can be tracked in a different project named API within your organization.
In this case, you would only use events (not profiles).

This is totally possible and if you decide to do it we can always help if any questions arise implementing it.

As a note, you can implement Mixpanel on any programming language capable of doing network requests as we do have an ingestion API that accepts events (In case we don't have an official SDK for the programming language of your API).