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  • 20 August 2021
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I am noticing that most of my users are not been tracked in mixpanel. Initially it was 5 to 10 percent but now it is approx. 50% loss.   I don't see their profile when I search by their distinct id . 

My app is a web app built on angular ( single page application).

I have only client side mixpanel.

I am aware that we need to implement server side mixpanel for some of the reasons like popup blocker. But we cant track all client side events in server side and its hard to believe that 50% of all my users are having popup blocker.

As I am more interested in client side behavior, I don't want to load the server for analyzing the client behavior. Even if we add server side events, still all client side events will be lost.

Anyone experiencing issues like this? It makes mixpanel very unreliable.




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Hello @Raj , You need to identify why the events get missed on client side. Try and find some pattern such as if there is certain device or browser for which events are missing.
Doing a QA by performing events yourself on few browsers/devices can also help you pin point the issue.

It is either the events are not being triggered from the code or the library don’t get added to the site properly..  


When we test, it works fine in all browsers. But globally it is not working.

I can see that mixpanel uses the below to load the files.


Not sure whether it should be something else.