User Properties are not updating when I bulk-import data through csv

  • 12 November 2021
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Hey I currently have 1600 active users. I realized that email ids and phone numbers of the users were incorrect. Hence I wanted to update these fields for all the users.

For achieving this I exporting the data of all Users in a csv.

And corrected the properties in the csv. Then reuploaded the csv onto Mixpanel. I was under the impression that if the user_id is same as before then Mixpanel will recoginze the new data as of existing customers and will update the profiles.

However, after uploading the csv nothing happened. The user properties are still same as before.


Would be great if someone can give a solution to this. Thanks

1 reply

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Hi @Faraaz thanks for posting! Are you using the lookup feature? Does this still happen if you use email as the key for the users?