Use event imported with Zapier in a funnel


I've created a funnel with 3 steps.
the 1st and 2nd steps are counted by mixpanel (demo request modal open & demo request modal sent)
the 3rd step is an event imported from Pipedrive using Zapier and is counting how many leads were scored as High quality leads.

The funnel is not counting the 3rd step as Mixpanel can't associate it with the 1st two steps.

what's the right way to connect the information in to one funnel?


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Hey @Ranmo! I am not too Familiar with Pipedrive and Zapier but it sounds like your event is not being counted in the Funnel because the distinct ID is not set on your imported event? I found James break down on how Funnels work very useful on this community post here There is also an integration article on Zapier that can help with troubleshooting your set up Hope this helps!


Hey @sarah.horton

Thank you!