Uploading a single schema to eventType event and getting error code 401 UnAuthorized

  • 28 August 2020
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I am trying to upload a single schema to mixpanel and I am getting 401 UnAuthorized error code, and the error response body is:

  "status": "error",
  "error": "You do not have the required scope(s) for this request"

I have included basic authentication with username and password and also tried it with the Bearer token by getting the Authtoken from my account

Could some body tell me what the error could be and How I can resolve this?


Thanking in advance

1 reply

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Hey @kiran3553 —


I noticed you are working on this with our support team, but for anyone else running into similar issues, the first step is to check on  the  credentials you're passing through. 

We've found success with the schema if you generate a Service Account from the Organization/Project Settings and use those credentials when authorizing the request.

To do this, go to your Organization Settings, click "+ Service Account" and use the credentials that are generated in the request you submit.