Update Revenue Information

  • 13 May 2020
  • 1 reply

Hello, is it possible to update revenue data everytime a new event fires?

Our platform uses upsells on the flow below:


Lander View → Add To Cart → Purchase → Upsell 1 → Upsell 2 → Upsell 3 → Receipt


Our first revenue tracked is on the Upsell 1 and after that if they accept the following upsells an extra value is added to the user sessionId. Is there a way to update the revenue everytime they accept a new upsell instead of adding a sum of user total revenue? Thank you!



1 reply


Are you tracking a property that contains the dollar amount when Purchase and Upsell events are triggered?

Ultimately, you have two options of tracking revenue in Mixpanel:

  1. Track purchases with events, allowing you leverage Insights to aggregate that value across all your users to see avg revenue per user, over-time, etc.
  2. Track purchases with Revenue and People Profiles, which plugs directly into our Revenue report

There’s actually a great post already in Community here that goes over tracking revenue in Mixpanel. I hope this is helpful!