Unable to set a custom distinct id for android users

  • 11 March 2022
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I am unable to set a custom distinct id for my android users. As per the implementation on mixpanel I have called mixpanel.identify(custom_distinct_id) and mixpanel.people.identify(cutom_distinct_id) when the user logs in the app. 

This process has been unsuccessful at setting up a custom distinct id. When I log the mixpanel distinct id in the app it shows the correct/expected id but on mixpanel I have a randomly generated long alphanumeric string. I have also implemented this on ios and its working as expected. This is the how I see the distinct Id on my events

Here 10592 is my custom distcint Id which I wish to set. I am unable to understand how does it always changes to the a long alphanumeric string like one shown above and only on android implementation. Any help would be appreciated

1 reply

Also Facing the same issue. Did you find a way to resolve it?