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I am seeing data within my Mixpanel project against an event called product.viewed. When I visit the website that corresponds with this Mixpanel project, and navigate to a product page for which I see data in Mixpanel, I do not see any network calls to Mixpanel that contain the relevant information about this event.

I have tried enabling debug mode as it’s suggested in this article, but it’s not resulting in any records: I used the correct Mixpanel token in the mixpanel.init call. 

How can I see when and where this event is firing?



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@lauralou412 —

I confirmed with our support team you were able to resolve this, I’m happy to hear that!


For anyone stumbling on a similar issue in the future, here are instructions on how to turn on debug mode using Chrome Dev Tools:

In your console - add mixpanel.set_config() to enter debug mode and requests to Mixpanel would be logged in your console.

1. Go to the website URL where you are tracking this event — if you are unsure, you can use the “current url” property in Mixpanel to narrow it down.

2. Click around to identify where the event may be getting triggered.

3. Look for requests to in your dev console to find the event you are trying to locate, it will be in a base64 encoded data payload .


Let us know how it goes!


@cherise Hi - I tried what you shared above but when I enter that text string into the console the console returns <- undefined and no logging begins. Any ideas why this isn’t working?