Tracked events are shown repeated in the live view

  • 3 April 2019
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Hi everyone,

Lately I have experienced some problems related to the tracking of events and how they are displayed in the live view.

The events are repeated multiple times in the live view and the information shown is not consistent with the one that appears in Insights or in the user's own profile.

In the following screenshot you can see how the events are repeated. I have debugged all the tracking and trackingQueue and these events only come out 1 time from the SDK, also this problem only seems to happen in iOS not in Android.

However, if I go to the Insights section, filter for the last 30 minutes, the number of events appears correctly.

In the user's profile, as in Insights, the information is also consistent but differs from Live View.

This is a problem when I want to analyse the information from the Live View since it is not reliable. Has anyone faced this problem or know what could be happening?

Thank you, Pau.

2 replies


Hi Pau,

I am an engineer here at Mixpanel,

Such behaviour could happen if the same event will be delivered multiple times to us.

It will appear multiple times in the Liveview, because it displays what we received but will be deduplicated by our database.

Can you please submit a support request here: so we can root cause it with certainty and let you know if it was the case of multiple deliveries.

Please include the link to this question in your request.

Thanks for your report and have a wonderful day!


You can confirm that these are duplicate events if you unfold them in Live view.

You will discover that they are identical everywhere except for "mp_processing_time_ms" property.

Which is the timestamp of our reception of the event.

This might happen due to brief network unavailability or some other issue of similar nature.

But regardless of the root cause our SDK will retry the delivery and we will handle duplicates problem on our end. At the end of the day your events will appear and only once in our database and in all data analysis reports.