Track Field Value Changes

  • 28 April 2021
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A user clicks edit to edit an object. This results in a multi-filed form. The user may or may not edit a specific field. For example, the user may edit a shopping cart, and enter 4 in a quantity field that used to have 1.

How can Mixpanel track whether or not a user changed something in a specific field, such as quantity. We want to know if they did edit a field (boolean?) and sometimes the before and/or after value. Is there a link to how to do this I the docs? I am not sure what to search for, so wasn’t having luck finding the answer.

1 reply


Hey jyoung,

The first thing to establish is that any change must be tracked as an event.  In this instance, you may have an ‘Edit: Clicked’ as the first event that gets fired when somebody opens the multi-filed form.  You’ll then also track the submission of that edit if there is an edit that happens.  You could name that event ‘Edit: Submitted’, with properties that denote the before and after values for each field (e.g. “field A before value”, “field A after value”.) even for fields that don’t change in value.  This will give you the most flexibility on comparing values on fields across all “Edit: Submitted’ events over time.

Finally, as a quality of life recommendation, since you can track up to 2,000 properties per event, so I would recommend also tracking properties that makes your analysis workflow easier, e.g.

  • a list-data property that specifies which fields were edited e.g. ‘list of fields edited’ : field A, field B, field C

the above will give you the ability to answer “which fields are edited when users submit an edit?

Finally, we’re about to release object-data type support, so you could even track an object property that contains all fields as key-value pairs.