The best way to handle logins on WordPress?

  • 9 January 2021
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I’m used to instrumenting analytics on single page applications.


This is my first wordpress site and I have a question about super props and sending data on login.


In an SPA I send user identify data once when the session starts. This lets me get the data I need and I can see how long sessions last. All is well.

In wordpress I have to send  identify data on every single page transition. If I don’t then I can’t see how long sessions last. Users stay logged in for months, with credential sin their browser. There is no way for me to distinguish between sessions, Will it all just look like one long session?

Should I be sending identify data on every page transition? Whats the recommended way to handle identify/auth tracking with wordpress. This is a wordpress app that has user accounts and a login, it’s not a blog.

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