Syncing Hubspot Data to Mixpanel

  • 7 October 2020
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Hi there!

We are using Hubspot CRM in combination with our own database to keep track of all kinds of “Deal properties”. For some of these properties, it would be nice to be able to see them in Mixpanel in our people properties. In our use case: we would like to sync the property “requested financing amount” from or deal property in hubspot to our Mixpanel people property. 

We've tried to do this with Zapier, using the “New Deal in Stage” trigger from hubspot, and then the “Create or Update profile in Mixpanel” action. 

However, in the Mixpanel action, we have to define the distinct_id of the user. We don't want to create a new user, since that would mean we lose the previous data we have on that user on our website, which is also valuable. But, we don't have Mixpanel's distinct_id in our Hubspot deal properties, or anywhere else in Hubspot. 

We think that the following solution might work:​​​​​​

  1. Sync mixpanel distinct_id to hubspot deal at the moment of sign-up/some other identify event.
  1. Now the hubspot deal contains a property with the distinct_id, we can use this distinct_id to tell Zapier to sync the correct Mixpanel property. 

However, this would require some additional code in our platform, which we would like to avoid if possible. 

Are we missing an obvious easy fix? Anyone else who has dealt with a similar use case?​​​​​​​


Help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

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@camielroex —

I can see that you are working with our support team, but in case anyone else is working through a similar project, I am sharing the first steps here:

  1. There might be a way to do this without implementing any new code.  If you are using ID Merge in your project \ we have a bit more flexibility in how we identify a user in Mixpanel.  The first thing to figure out is what identifying values are available in Hubspot currently.
  2. Look at your Mixpanel profiles— if there are a number of different identifiers merged together on your profiles, any of the values there can be used as the distinct_id of a Mixpanel event/profile update so that the event/update is tied back to that user.  So if any of those are available in Hubspot, they could be used as the distinct_id.
  3. Another possibility if you did not want to send more data to Hubspot - If none of those identifying values where available in Hubspot data but maybe something like email was, you could try running a script in Mixpanel to add the email to the cluster of distinct_ids identifying a user so you can use it as distinct_id.  To do this you would probably need to export your profile data so that you can see the distinct_id associated with the email and then use one of our ID merge events to add email to the identity cluster.
  4. To make this happen for any new profiles though you would need to add code to your Mixpanel implementation so that the email (or whatever identifier is used) gets added to the identity cluster once it is known.