Support for Certificate Pinning

  • 25 August 2020
  • 2 replies

I would like to know if Mixpanel supports certificate pinning for server authentication, as well as other authentication methods supported to authenticate mixpanel’s APIs.

2 replies

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@MJ6599 —

Mixpanel does not overtly support certificate pinning in the way that I understand it,  but I’m curious how you are thinking about using this. Can you explain more what it would be for?


If you are looking for single sign on options, we do support a few different options. Here is additional info

Hi Cherise,


I’m interested in using certificate pinning in order to assure that our mobile/web apps are communicating with mixpanel’s APIs, to prevent any spoofing threats or MiTM attacks. I understand that SSO is used to authenticate users when accessing the data pulled into mixpanel, but I’m interested in understanding how authentication is used between the mobile phone and mixpanel’s APIs/data center.