Some events doesn't appear in Live View

  • 19 October 2020
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Some events doesn’t appear on the Live View, but they are properly tracked and recorded. These events are available under the user’s profile, or the Insights view.


Adding a couple of screenshots for two distinct users.


User 1


User 2 


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@vishnuh —

So long as your events are tracked and recorded under the appropriate user, I wouldn’t recommend worrying about Live View. Live View is designed to help you debug your implementation, but as a report it carries a lot of limitations,  documented here:

  • Live View will show up to the 50 latest Events sent into your Mixpanel project.
  • Live View does not show events older than 7 days.
  • When you apply an Event or Property filter, Mixpanel looks through one minute worth of events per project, but no fewer than 2k and no more than 100k.

As your user base grows, many customers tend to outgrow liveview for these more nuanced data checks. 


In your case, checking that your data is in Explore, and in Insights is the most important. If you dont see it in Live View, it just means that you “missed it” and it fell out of the top criteria, or there is a lag in ingestion. But if you see your data in the core reports (ie Insights), that means that the data was ingested by Mixpanel, and assigned to the correct user.


Let me know if you are trying to use Live View for a different purpose, but from where I am sitting I wouldn’t worry about this discrepancy at all.