Should events sent have Event Name Track or the actual event_name eg SyncConnection?

  • 17 November 2021
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We are just starting to track events via the Rudderstack implementation. Events that we are sending in currently have the event_name under properties, with the actual Event Name being Track. This means if I want to report on a the event, have to do an inline filter or create a custom event. Is this how the implementation is supposed to be?

In this example, the event_name is SyncConnection



1 reply

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@themillenialn00b ideally your implementation should send each event as it’s own name and thing, this will allow you to leverage reports like flows and signal which will surface unique events in the user journey. This will also mean you save time on report creation as you won’t need to apply a filter or breakdown to interpret the report. Are you able to update/change the implementation? We have a number of dev docs that can give other ways of implementing here.