Setting up First/Last seen properties for user's profiles via CSV

  • 13 June 2022
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we are evaluating Mixpanel for our report, and we would like to import our existing users' profiles using CSV import, keeping the previous history.

I have a few issues with importing.

I cannot set up the first/last seen properties of the user.

I tried mapping the CSV columns to $mp_first_event_time and $last_seen but  this does not work.

I can see the values in the single user's profile page but I cannot breakdown against them in the reports, or even seen them in the profiles' page columns.

Below an example of CSV row:


and the results as seen on the dashboard:

and from the `/engage` query, compared with a profile created from the identify call from Segment


            "$distinct_id": "9b674afc-cc22-4df1-9945-fad7766af464",

            "$properties": {

                "id": "9b674afc-cc22-4df1-9945-fad7766af464",

                "organization": "SKYTALE",

                "plan": "premium",

                "$last_seen": "2022-06-09T15:51:10"




            "$distinct_id": "563241f023ac4fdaaa37defed415d248",

            "$properties": {

                "$last_seen": "2022-05-24T10:05:00",

                "$mp_first_event_time": "2021-10-13T15:10:00",

                "id": "563241f023ac4fdaaa37defed415d248",

                "organization": "Skytale",

                "plan": "premium"




Please, any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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