Sending a subset of data to mixpanel

  • 6 August 2020
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We are a mobile dating app with around 120K+ users. We are new here and need help about sending data to  mixpanel. Currently, we purchased a Growth Plan at 5K MTUs. Is it possible to start tracking only 5K users first and then if we  are satisfied with results continue tracking the rest of  the users? If that’s possible, how should we proceed with the user selection? How do we know which users out of 120K  should be selected? 


Thank you  for your time and consideration.



1 reply

Hi @aida  - Thank you for your question! Mixpanel will track all users & events that you send, in other words, there isn't a way to filter out certain events and users after ingestion, to adjust your MTU count, once Mixpanel has already received and ingested the data.

If you are able to modify or select the data you choose to send to Mixpanel this would potentially help lower your MTUs, although it would affect the integrity of your data. To do this it would require that you filter out your data before it is sent to Mixpanel, and only send a specific subset of users/events. That said, this would require a server-side implementation and likely need additional development resources. I point this out because it would likely be an entirely unique implementation if you choose to fully invest in sending Mixpanel all of your data, which may be require double the implementation efforts and resources.

An additional consideration is that if you are concerned your plan doesn't fit the size of your user base I am happy to help initiate a conversation with one of my teammates.

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