Segment to Mixpanel identify problems

  • 5 February 2021
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I posted this question earlier on StackOverflow. But because its niche in its nature, i wasn’t able to get any response. Was wondering if this forum might be the better place to ask. 

On my website, when a new user lands on the site, Segment's analytics assigns a random anon id to the user. For identifying, I'm identifying the user after the user submits a contact form using

analytics.identify(uniqueId, {...})

Segment than sends the data to Mixpanel as a destination.

The issue with Mixpanel is that initially before the user is identified, Mixpanel's distinct Id coincides with Segment's anon id. however, after identification, the user's Mixpanel distinct id changes to the "uniqueId" and Mixpanel no longer identifies the 2 data as 1 person. Rhis user becomes identified as 2 different user.

Some issues with this is

  1. Unique user count is wrong, and
  2. we are unable to measure funnel/flow properly

Whats the best practice here?

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