Recovering Lost Data ("Request entity too large" Error)

  • 1 October 2020
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We use Segment to import data to Mixpanel, but the line of code we were sending was too large for Mixpanel and as a result, we’re missing that data. We weren’t notified of the error by Mixpanel until we looked for the issue within Segment. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to recover old data that should have been sent over?


Thank you.

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Hi @Flaire,

I confirmed that you were working with our support team on this one, but I want to share some next steps for anyone that is running into similar error messages in the future.

If you have set up Segment-Mixpanel using device mode as opposed to cloud mode (Segment connection modes), it means that your events get sent directly to Mixpanel.

Mixpanel's mobile SDKs queue events up to 5 days old. Ultimately Mixpanel will ingest all data that hit’s our API, but if they are older than 5 days they will drop from the queue and it is likely that the event data cannot be recovered.

If you are using Segment-Mixpanel in cloud mode, that means events are first tracked to Segment then sent to Mixpanel. In that case, you may need to reach out to Segment's support team to ask how you can re-send these events to your Mixpanel project.