Receiving Multiple Application Opened events

  • 2 November 2019
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Hi there,

I'm seeing multiple "Application Opened" events with our Mixpanel Integration on IOS. We have ensured that we're setting up the integration correctly, yet it's still not working as expected. Anyone run into this issue before?

3 replies

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Hey @paulxuca! I work on ios stuff and I am happy to troubleshoot with you here. Can you share more info on the event "Application Opened"- Is this a common mobile event or is this a regular App Open event you are sending?

Also, is there any other information you can share? Would be really helpful for me to help out if you have any error messages, code, or trends you see on your live view?


Hi @shawn.barrett

Thanks for responding - these are the common mobile events that we're seeing. A pattern we've noticed is that it'll send multiple Application Opened events, usually flip flopping between `from_background: true` and `from_background: false`.

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hey @paulxuca,

I do not believe App open($app-open) is part of their common mobile events...but it is actually triggered when the app is opened due to a user clicking on a push message you sent via Mixpanel.

For common mobile events, Mixpanel has events like App Session (when the app is sent to the background, including how much time it stayed active), but they do not have one for app open. I think this is due to Mixpanel not consider it as relevant and can be easily implemented by your team (helpful article here on it

Here is an article on common mobile events:

Here an article explaining the $app_open event, which might be useful for you