Random value showing up for "Mixpanel Library" property

  • 7 October 2021
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Hello everyone, 

I am tracking my product’s analytics on Mixpanel using Freshpaint as the CDP in between to collect data in a hybrid way. I could set it up successfully and I can see all the data flowing in through Freshpaint to my Mixpanel project. As a result, for all the “Users” in my Mixpanel project, I see the value “Freshpaint:web” for the property called “Mixpanel Library”. However just for one user, it shows up as “Segment:web” for the property called “Mixpanel Library”. I have never integrated Segment with my product and I cannot figure out where this value is coming from. This is affecting my results because none of the event properties I am sending through Freshpaint is getting captured for her. 
Can someone from Mixpanel or anyone who has faced this situation before please help me figure out what might be the reason? :)
Attaching below what appears for all my other users (and also what SHOULD appear)


Attaching below what appears for the one user I mentioned



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