Random Unexpected Event Properties Appearing

  • 24 December 2020
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I've just implemented mixpanel using segment,

All events that we track to segment are successfully sent to mixpanel. But I discover issue on event properties.

Some random unexpected event properties continue to appear in almost all of our events.

This random event properties come with "event properties value” as its property name and "another properties value” as its value. Making the number of event properties virtually infinite and therefore nearly unusable.


I have checked the event payload in segment, it doesn't have this issue.
Manually sending the payload through the event tester also doesn't create this issue.


Anyone have idea what is happening or what else I can do to debug this issue?

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@irul —

I confirmed that you’ve been in touch with our Support team about this, but for anyone experiencing a similar issue, the first general step is to check how the event/ property is getting sent from Segment. Generally there is really anything wrong with including extra properties.


(from the support team)
The next step may be to check how the [Segment] Group property is getting set.  I am not very familiar with the syntax being used in your examples but it.putName(store?.storeName)​ was somehow effecting the event properties which is something I wouldn't expect.

Generally from Mixpanel perspective it looks like you have all the info we need, the group key and group identifier traits look correct and you are including the group key with your events and as a property on the call.  This article kinda walks through the segment/Mixpanel group analytics connection from Mixpanels perspective (will need to scroll a bit).

The [Segment] Group property is still extra information (from Mixpanels perspective at least) so figuring out

1) where thats coming from

and 2) if the group name still being set on new groups created with this code update would be my next questions.