Providing external dashboard for customers

  • 22 March 2019
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I'm trying to create a dashboard segmented for my customers. I created a dashboard hosted on my own amazon server, which uses JQL requests to retrieve funnels and other data from my events, segmented for each customer. My customers are identified on an external system, and they do not have an account on mixpanel.

It works and looks nice, until I found out there is a limit of 60 calls per hour to the external API (as JQL) -

rate limit of 60 requests / hour is sooo 1960s...

Getting 429 error on every call after that.

Does anyone has a suggestion how to make that work?


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lol all those 1960s data reports

...this section in the article you linked sounds like that might be the only way :\

"We generally don't make exceptions on these limits as allowing more connections/queries can adversely affect our ability to scale and support all of our users."

is the dashboard something where your customers are expecting the data to update that regularly?