Ordering events in a Flow chart by a time property

  • 22 December 2020
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From my understanding the default way mixpanel orders events is by the time they are processed.

We have a scenario in which we send events to mixpanel through segment yet we wish to send events in an ordered manner by a custom property (say time) even though we send them in an asynchronous manner.

Mixpanel accepts the events yet never in any order that is sent to segment.
For example, we tried to change the timestamp field to act as an ordering property yet it didn’t help.
We also tried to sync the events but it didn’t help either. (Sync programmatically in code)

I deduce that the events are sent to mixpanel in an unordered way from segment itself, did somebody have a similar scenario and found a solution that doesn’t remove segment from the solution? We prefer to keep segment as a central point for our events rather than sending events to mixpanel directly in that use case.

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Segment uses timestamp to pass the time to destinations like mixpanel. Detailed here -

You may want to check what is going on there. If somehow the timestamp sent on events is messed up. 

One thing to note is that events within 2 seconds may be considered in any order in mixpanel. So, you can expect strict ordering only if events are at least 2 seconds apart.