Not all events coming through

  • 11 February 2019
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We've noticed that not all the events that we send, are coming through to the mixpanel overview. For example: 7 events were send (7 calls to api.mixpanelcom/track) and only 5 or 6 are in the overview on mixpanel. This issue seems to happen randomly: sometimes everything goes right, sometimes not.

Could this be related to the amount of events being sent, can the system be overloaded or what could the cause be?

4 replies

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@hannecolaers to help you debug could you give some more details? what calls are you sending, and what are you seeing in live view?

is this a client side sdk tracking- and if so is there an adblocker, or ghostery, etc on it?


@michael.suiter Yes it's client side tracking, without ad blocker or ghostery. This is an example of a call:

Request URL:

Request Method:


Status Code:


Most of the time the events are coming through to the live overview correctly, but sometimes an event that's been sent, is just not popping in the overview. This seems to happen randomly, there's no specific action that's not being tracked properly.

We have the impression that maybe this happens when there are a lot of events being send (e.g. when the automated test are running).


Can you leave some more details to be able to offer help :)


One thing I noticed recently is sometimes stats can be delayed for up to a minute. At first I thought i was having the problem you are describing. Try replicating the issue and then going to grab a coffee and see if the missing stats have been filled in when you get back :)