multiple time_event calls but only one track for the same event

  • 2 September 2020
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What happens if multiple time_event() calls are made for the same event before track() is called? will the duration for the event be based off the oldest or newest time_event()?

2 replies

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@jparkypark —

I confirmed with our engineering team that it would be based on latest time_event() since each call to time_event for the same event overrides the start time. This was really helpful feedback, so we updated our Help Docs to mention this!


Can you tell me more about what you are experiencing?

The time_event() is intended to be paired with a track call, so is there a specific implementation where your users are triggering multiple time_events?

Or is it a funnel that you are looking to solve? (ie how long does it take my users to go from point A to point 😎 I would love to learn more about what you are working on, but from my speculation you may want to check out time to convert within Funnels! And instead use two separate track calls so you can see how long it takes users to convert to your goal event.

@cherise Thanks for answering!

I’m tracking how long it takes for some parts of an app to finish loading and I was wondering what would happen if a re-render fired another time_event() for the same event. I assumed that it would use the most recent call, but it’s nice to have confirmation.