More traffic on Google Analytics than Mixpanel

  • 5 January 2021
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Hi All.


We are currently using Google Analytics and Mixpanel on an e-commerce/subscription website.


We deploy those to GA and MP using Google Tag Manager.


The triggers for GA and MP are the same.

To track Page View with MP I am using GTM variables for the Page Title, Page Path, and a simple device type breakdown.

    "Page View",
    {"page_path": "{{Page Path}}",
    "page_title": "{{Get Page Title}}",
    "device_type": "{{mobile, tablet or desktop ?}}",

The problem

On a given period, there is usually 15% more traffic on Google Analytics. 

There is a bit more missing on iOS (around 20%)


Our main source of acquisition is paid ads.


Du you have any idea how I can troubleshoot this problem ? 

I am running out of ideas.


Thank you,


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