More than 1 source for 1 project in Mixpanel

  • 18 November 2020
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Hi All,

We use Segment to send data to Mixpanel from our defined sources. I am wondering if it’s possible or good practice to include 2 sources in 1 project. For example, the begining of our conversion funnel starts in Mailchimp (direct integration), and ends on our website (a standard Javscript integration). Ideally we could view events by email address in 1 project in Mixpanel.

If anyone has any similar use cases or battle stories to share, I’d hugely appreciate it!



2 replies

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Yes. It is totally possible and fine to send events from two sources to Mixpanel. However, you should be able to use the same user id while sending events from the two. You could use email address as the id, but from information security perspective that may not be a good idea. If there is any other way to use the same user id across two sources, you should be all set.

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As @Jaya said, it’s totally possible and even encouraged. 

You can connect all your tools to Mixpanel with custom connector

Salesforce, Mailchimp,, Zendesk...

As long those SaaS have an API or webhooks, you can send data to mixpanel. 

The only tricky part is the distinct_id. 

Each user has different user_id on a tool. 

To resolve this issue, you can try the following idea:

When a new user is created on mailchimp, trigger a mixpanel identify() to add mailchimp properties of the user + an alias function with email and mailchimp_id.

Once this is done, you can trigger new events from mailchimp by using mailchimp_id. 

Using only email is also an option but if the user change his emails, you will lose his customer journey tracking.