mixpanel.time_event $duration not showing on my events

  • 13 February 2021
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I am using mixpanel.time_event as outlined here


my goal is to see how long the Analyze process in my electron application takes. 


I expect: the $duration property to be attached to my mixpanel event ‘Analyze’ when it completes to simply see how long it took from start to complete. 


Issue: the $duration property shows for when the ‘Analyze’ event starts, which is pointless because I dont need the time from the time_event to the start point, I need from the time_event to the completion point. 

  • the $duration property does show when my mixpanel.track event is completed in the mixpanel user activity feed and only shows for when it starts not when it completes  

I start the time_event when the user presses the button ‘Analyze’ as such on the renderer side(front end): 


var mixpanel_log = Object.assign(
type: 'system',
status: 'success',
reason: 'analyze server start',
data: data_to_clean
mixpanel.track('Analyze', mixpanel_log);


and then I have another mixpane.track when the Analyze process completes, in a different component in my electron app on the main(backend) side, as such. 


		mixpanel.track('Analyze', {
type: 'system',
reason: 'complete',
specs: specs


both of my tracks show successfully in the activity feed on mixpanel, the only thing missing is the Duration when the event actually completes. 



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