Mixpanel , shopify , advertising and analytics platforms , Cookies

  • 8 January 2022
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So first i want to ask about Mixpanel and cookies. The visitor will be needed to click approve for the cookies consent for Mixpanel being able to connect with the UTMs data etc and making some data flow as even anonymously ? Or for events data like Add to cart , Initiate checkout the visitor wont be needed to click approve as for me being able to get the data to Mixpanel and understanding the basic thing he made etc(Even for EU and NON Eu visitors)


Second , about are the integrations

From what i understand mixpanl cant forward the data which made on my site to other tools ...Just to confirm this is right? or they can for only 1 tool or so like google analytics (compare to FB CAPI or some another advertising platforms pixels etc)


Thanks, will appreciate fast reply (not sure how much time it takes here to get an answer) :thinking:


0 replies

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