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  • 30 June 2020
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I'm using the mixpanel plugin for a app that I'm building. In bubble, there is a way to sent click events to my mixpanel account. I validated that that connection is working. I can see the click events when I go into the insights section of mixpanel (the click event is ‘Document Listing Clicked’). I can also set certain variables in bubble when the click event is sent to mixpanel, but it doesn't look like those are being send to mixpanel (listing title, listing description, listing category).

Has anyone used mixpanel and bubble together before? If so, are you aware of a way to access the click event values?


4 replies

I would also be interested to know this, Since I am also using bubble for building our web app!

read here and watch the video.

I too am having issues, with understanding how the bubble plugin works. I would be love to see how others are getting the data over. Thanks !

watch this youtube video, where i was able to make it work after watching.