Mixpanel Identify + Alias on Forms

  • 12 January 2021
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Hi Everyone,


This my first time posting in the community and using Mixpanel and I’m enjoying it so far! I am currently working on implementing Mixpanel on my e-commerce website via Google Tag Manager and have successfully implemented event tracking with properties. However, I am still lost on direction for implementing identity and alias calls - I have done a bit of research but still couldn’t find the answer to my situation.

My e-commerce has no login or signup capabilities as of yet however, I have newsletter forms and contact forms that users use from time to time.

How do I identify my users when they interact with these forms? Would I call an alias followed by people.set and finally identity? Then would I need to ever call identity again when the user has another session or will that already be picked up with their distinct ID?

// Triggered after the user submits a contact form or subscribes to my newsletter

mixpanel.alias("{{User Email}}");
"$email": "{{User Email}}"
mixpanel.identify("{{User Email}}");

Last, how would I go around adding a ‘products viewed’ property to use profiles later on? Would I call people.set on the product page or would I need to call identify instead?


Thanks in advanced (:

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