Mixpanel default properties to track Android identifiers

  • 23 September 2020
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After looking at this documentation (Default Properties Collected by Mixpanel), I could not find if Mixpanel can collect android_id and Google Advertising ID (GAID). Are there none-documented properties for this?

For iOS in Mixpanel for example, we can collect IDFA using $ios_ifa, but for Android, I have not found in the documentation anything related to this.

2 replies

I’m also looking for the same thing. We use Segment to send our data to Mixpanel. So we are already collecting and sending the advertising ID for Android, but I can’t find it mapped to any user or event properties in Mixpanel.

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Hi folks,

The mixpanel Android SDK doesn’t currently track Android identifiers by default, which is why it’s absent from the documentation.

If we were to add tracking for these details to a future SDK release, I would expect the properties to be named:

  • $google_advertising_id
  • $android_id 

@mParticleDeveloper - if you send these details over using the property names above, your integration should be future proofed.

@JessyT - I’m not a Segment guru, but know Segment has two ways of sending data: cloud mode vs device mode. Perhaps its possible one mode supports sending this property and the other does not? (again, I’m not a segment expert).

That said, the Segment debugger should be able to help you figure out why the detail is not propagating to your project - and if that doesn’t help, I’ve found the segment support team to be incredibly helpful! 

Viewers of this thread. If automatic tracking of the google_advertising_id and/or $android_id would be helpful for you, please let us know.