Live View Not Showing Nor Storing Events

  • 29 October 2020
  • 1 reply

We no longer show any events (realtime or historical) in Live View. In other words, Live View is continuously blank and whenever the page is refreshed, there's a wheel that spins forever. Whenever the wheel stops, the page is blank. And if any events happen to show up, they immediately disappear. 

Why is this happening? Any fixes? 

1 reply


@Ilunafriq —
Thank you for letting us know about this!

I’ve looked into your project. There was certainly something buggy. An engineer has since fixed and resolved the issue. You should now be able to see events in Live View. 

Live View is designed primarily to help review the state of the latest data as it comes in for debugging and QA purposes, but it is not always the most powerful tool compared to reports such as Insights. 
The default view in Live View will show up to the 50 latest Events sent into your Mixpanel project. Live View does not show events older than 7 days. When you apply an Event or Property filter, Mixpanel looks through one minute worth of events per project, but no fewer than 2k and no more than 100k.

When you do not have events that fit the Live View criteria, you would see this:

Please let me know if you experience further issues with Live View.