״Install app" event (by third party) has inconsistent "Distinct_id"

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Hi all!
I am using Appsflyer to track my marketing campaigns, and push the app install event (iOS) into Mixpanel.
I can see the events occurring in Mixpanel, and a new user is formed (receiving a distinct_id by using the “Send advertiser id” that Appsflyer provides).

The problem-
When the user performs it’s first action in the app- Mixpanel recognizes him as a new user (not making the connection to the user created at the “Install app” event) and provides him with a new distinct_id-
thus disconnecting the “install app” event from all future events.

How do I create a continuity between the “install app” to all future events (by having a single distinct_id for all of the user’s events)?


**When “Send advertiser ID” is disabled, a user is created in Mixpanel (event- “install app”) without a distinct_id**  

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**When “Send advertiser ID” is disabled, a user is created in Mixpanel (event- “install app”) without a distinct_id**  

Any news on this topic? I can't move forward with my implementation as this happens to me too.

Not sure if I’m correct, the answer below is based on my experience…


If you turn the toggle(Send advertiser ID) on, meaning Appsflyer will pass IDFA as distinct_id to Mixpanel in iOS. (and Advertising ID in Android)


If you turn off the toggle, meaning Appsflyer will pass CUID as distinct_id to Mixpanel in both iOS and Android. But if you find there’s no distinct_id in this scenario, that probably because your CUID is not created at the time when install happened. Check this article for more details

We recommend setting the Customer User ID early in the app's flow, as it is only associated with events reported after its setup:

  • If setCustomerUserId is called before calling start, the Customer User ID appears in the raw data reports for installs and for events.
  • If it is set after, the Customer User ID is only associated with events that are recorded after setting the Customer User ID.



So, in your case,

if you haven’t created CUID at the Install stage, the only thing that can recognize a user in Mixpanel would be the IDFA(iOS) or Advertising ID(Android)  (in Install event). 

I think you have to let Mixpanel maps the distinct ID(IDFA) in Install to the events’ distinct ID (after registered) by using ID merge


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@EranY does @jerry ‘s response help?