״Install app" event (by third party) has inconsistent "Distinct_id"

Hi all!
I am using Appsflyer to track my marketing campaigns, and push the app install event (iOS) into Mixpanel.
I can see the events occurring in Mixpanel, and a new user is formed (receiving a distinct_id by using the “Send advertiser id” that Appsflyer provides).

The problem-
When the user performs it’s first action in the app- Mixpanel recognizes him as a new user (not making the connection to the user created at the “Install app” event) and provides him with a new distinct_id-
thus disconnecting the “install app” event from all future events.

How do I create a continuity between the “install app” to all future events (by having a single distinct_id for all of the user’s events)?


**When “Send advertiser ID” is disabled, a user is created in Mixpanel (event- “install app”) without a distinct_id**  

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