Inescapable duration tracking!?

  • 12 November 2021
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Hello all!

I create basic websites that house live event streams and clients obviously like to know who has attended and for how long. The limitations of cookie based tracking led me to create a hidden form that submits periodically, thus giving me a duration for each user when a report is generated. Login requires consent to be tracked - so to opt out, is to not log in.

My form works, but I’m hoping Mixpanel can provide a more elegant and scalable solution. So my question is, how (in)escapable can Mixpanel be in my use case of tracking user duration on a specific page or set of pages? Is the reality that there will always be users who escape reports by the nature of their device or method of ending a session? Or can Mixpanel be configured such that I could hand a report to a client, akin to a Zoom report, confident that everybody who watched the stream is present?

I would need a dev to implement the solution, so I’m not really looking for instructions here, more so insight as to whether Mixpanel can fulfil my needs and/or how users might escape my report, regardless of my setup.

Thanks so much in advance!


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