In App Purchase for Android User

  • 10 February 2021
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We use Mixpanel for our mobile application. mixpanel can't see Android in-app purchase data. We want to see data of our Android users such as renewal, canceled, subscription type (monthly / annual).

How can you solve this problem?

Thank you so much!

3 replies

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Hello @hascelto you can explicitly send the purchase related event to mixpanel. mixpanel.track can help you do it.

see here for details:


you can also set user properties such as total paid, cancel count, subs type etc.

Hello Mufaddal, thank you for your answer.

We do all of these, but Mixpanel does not track the "In-App Purchase" activity for Android users.

How else can we follow this on Mixpanel?


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can’t your developer trigger mixpanel.track on in app purchase in android? Basically Dev has to send the event to mixpanel himself on purchase, explicitly send the event, mixpanel won’t send it itself.