Importing data while migrating to to MixPanel

  • 19 October 2021
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We are currently moving all of our users and events from KissMetrics into MixPanel.  I am curious if there is a requirement to the order of operations during the import.  Logically I was planning to create users and set properties first and then post batches of all of the events that user has done historically.  

I tried calling for all of our users.  The API gave us a 200 OK back - but there are no users showing up in the system.  We also tried calling “Create identity” using the /import endpoint, but that also resulted in no users being created… or at least visible in the UI.

Do we need to do this the opposite way and first add all the events and then go back and set the properties on the user?  The documentation isn’t really clear on this.

Any help docs or examples would be greatly appreciated.


2 replies

Here is the JSON we are posting.  We get a 200 OK back, but no user is created.  Using BASIC auth with a full Admin Service Account…. Still nothing showing up under users.

POST:  (tried with and without the hash)

"$token": "[removed]",
"$distinct_id": "96",
"$set": {
"$name": "Geoffrey Mina",
"$email": ""


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Hi @geoff.mina sorry for the delay here! I asked around but it seems we’re not sure what to advise here in community but I can see your a paid customer so you can reach out to our team at to look into it fully.