Import a csv list of events into a new Mixpanel project

  • 7 October 2020
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Hi all,

for a new Mixpanel project, I want to import a huge list of customer event data into a new project. I want to test out some structures before we will send live data into the system.

The CSV file is structured that it has a time stamp first, some properties next, the customer ID as a field in the middle of the CSV line. 

Can I upload the data for some structural tests before I set up the live feed ?

How, i.e. where can I upload the data ?

Thanks for your help,


3 replies

Looking for the same possibility! I can see that in ‘Lexicon’, there is a “coming soon” feature! 


This is essentially what I’m trying to do

The answer is to get a developer to write a simple script e.g. with Python that iterates through the CSV file and uses the import_data method to send it to Mixpanel

I’m however having an issue getting the import_data method to work per this question I’ve raised here


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Mixpanel also released a nice API to connect with S3 buckets and other data provider which makes the import easier :)